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Got an idea for a great app? Let us help you make it a reality. Want to make it available to all devices? We can build and manage the development process, deploy to an app store and provide support. At Ademin you'll get to see the progress of your app early and often.

Need an enterprise app? Mobile device capability and ownership is ever increasing. You can utilise this to provide efficent and secure line of business apps to your staff, customers and suppliers. Contact us to find out how!

Cloud solutions

We've got our heads in the cloud so you can concentrate on running your business. We can assist you in determining your options and recommend solutions that fit. Ready to go? Then our team will do the heavy lifting for you.

Concerned about where your customer data is stored? Then talk to us about our private cloud solutions.

IT Services

Web servers, databases, mail, monitoring. Let us take the hassle out of managing your I.T. assets. We can help you set up, secure and monitor your infrastructure to ensure that your systems are operating.

Experiencing an I.T. issue now? Contact us and we'll get you up and running again.


From online financial planning calculators to developing logistics management tools for warship maintenance, Ademin has had the opportunity to provide solutions to local and international companies since 2006.

Looking for a particular skill set? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Audit IT

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Audit IT from Bypass Solutions revolutionises your compiance mnanagement processes. The system features a smart phone application that can be used in no coverage areas to record audit information. site thumbnail is an innovative concept that allows you to deliver your final message to your social network if the unthinkable happens. The site utilises google's apis and hosting, making the site quick to implement, highly available and very low cost to maintain.

Intelli SMS

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IntelliSMS operates an SMS gateway that facilitates B2C and marketing processes via SMS. Built using JEE, it is designed from the ground up to scale as message volumes increase while providing a high level of availability and throughput.

About Us

Ademin is a software development and I.T. services company based in Melbourne. It was started in 2006 to cater for small businesses who needed a single vendor who could look after all their hardware, software and I.T. needs.

Ademin's founder, Adam Lau, has a strong background in delivering projects for the financial services sector, defence industries and education. He is a strong proponent of agile methodologies (scrum, xp, kanban) with a focus on producing an excellent result for customers.

Currently, Ademin is involved in develivering open source school management and attendance tracking systems in developing countries using the latest in cloud based technologies.



  • java: J2EE, JEE
  • .net: c#,
  • ruby, php, javascript
  • devices: objective-c, phone gap, jQuery mobile


  • db: ms sql, mysql, postgres
  • os: linux, windows server, sbs server
  • mail: ms exchange, zimbra, qmail


  • devops: chef, puppet
  • cloud: amazon, openstack, eucalyptus, cloudstack
  • virtualisation: vmware esxi, xen server, proxmox